Sports Cars With Best And Advanced Safety Features

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While buying a sports car, most of the people fail to take safety into consideration. Any of the sports cars which are available in the market can provide you with power, performance, acceleration or styling but what you need to look first in a sports car is the safety features.
Safety is probably the most important thing which you should look for at first in a sports car. So, in order to ease your efforts, in thus post we have jotted down some of the sports cars with advanced safety features.


Ford Mustang is always considered as one of the best sports cars in the world. It has everything that a sports car should have in it. From great acceleration to torque, you can easily depend on the car for magnificent performance. Again, it also offers great safety to the driver and the passenger. Especially the 2015 Ford Mustang which has adaptive cruise control, traffic alert system, back camera, and airbags on the side doors. The price starts from $24,000 for V8 engine and $33,000 for V12 hence, makes it an affordable car for all.


The 2 Series model of BMW comes with great safety features in it. The car has really good scores in car crash testing conducted by Institute for Highway Safety. If you are looking for a standard model sports car with excellent safety features then going for this car could be a nice decision for you. Additional safety features that are installed in the car are the collision alert system, automatic braking system, and a backup camera. The base rate for 2 Series model starts from $33,000 and goes up to $44,000.


Audi S3 is another great vehicle when it comes to advanced safety features. The 4 cylinder turbocharged engine capable of generating 292 horsepower is one of the best cars you can buy for yourself. You can easily attain 60 mph within 5 seconds duration which is in fact quite an impressive acceleration for a regular sports car. Composed of some of the best and advanced safety features, Audi S3 stands third on our list. You will get lane assist, forward collision alert, a backup camera, and automatic braking system, everything under $42,000. Hence, you no doubt opt for the car that not just offers performance, but safety features as well.


Scion FR-S is primarily known to all for its excellent handling credential. Available at just $26,500, FR-S also have impressive safety track record. It ranks quite high when it comes to Top Safety Picks. The car also performed quite well in car crash test. Although, it does not have collision alert system but it sure has proper measures to prevent you from getting hurt inside the car. You can go for the car with not doubt if you are low on your budgets.


Lexus RC is again a great car in terms of safety features in it. It offers several safety measures such as blind spot monitoring system, automatic braking, traffic alert, collision alert and much more similar other features. The price of the car varies from $43,800 to $63,400 depending on the engine that your prefer. Overall, it is going to come up to your expectations from all aspects.
Here is the Youtube video by discussing about the latest safety features that you can get in the latest sports cars.
If youre planning to buy a new sports car, consider either one of them or if your choice is anything else, do not forget to ask the salesman about what safety features your will be car is going to offer you.