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Choosing A 4×4 Spare Wheel Cover

Choosing a 4×4 spare wheel cover is one of the more important decisions you will make regarding car accessories. More than changing up the look of your car, these covers protect your spare wheel against extreme weather conditions and theft. As such, you must take your wheel cover shopping seriously. So how will you choose a wheel cover? Here are some of the things that you should consider.

    1. Consider your options – You have multiple options to choose from when looking for a wheel cover. The best choice depends on the type of cover you need. As it stands, wheel covers can be classified into 3 categories based on how they are made.

Soft cover

The soft cover is the simplest and most affordable cover you can get. Made of light materials such as vinyl, these covers can provide ample protection against extreme temperature, moisture, and UV rays. These covers also protect your spare wheel against dirt and pollution. As a bonus, they are also available in all kinds of colors and designs. 

Semi rigid cover

This is considered as the next step up from the soft cover. As the name would suggest, this is a solid cover but it is not really a rigid one. This is because such covers are made of materials such as plastics. They provide better durability and weather protection than soft covers. They are also more affordable than hard covers while also fitting well within the design of your car.

Metal ring cover

While this option is pricier than the others, this is widely considered as the best spare wheel cover variant out there. Made from metals such as stainless steel and aluminium, they provide full protection for your tire. It also has a locking mechanism that provides better protection against theft. They can also be painted to match the color of your car.

2. Check the fit and quality- Fit and quality are 2 important things you should consider in your decision process. Regardless of what type of cover you purchase, you got to make sure that the materials and workmanship of the item is on-point. You should make sure that you don’t get a product that’s substandard. Also, make sure to check if the cover fits the dimension of your tyre.

3. Find a dealer you can trust- Finding the right parts dealer is also important for you to get the best deal. Dealers should distribute only high-quality parts; not necessarily high-end brands, but their on-stock items should pass all quality standards. It will also be great if they offer these products at the best price.

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Petrol, Diesel, Gas Or Electric – Best Option For Courier Vehicles

Before you can jump in any of the four energy sources for running your vehicle or courier business, you have to consider their strengths and weaknesses. What pros does the use of petrol have that gas or electricity does not possess? Below is how you can break this down to find the best alternative among the four:

The Cost

The cost will vary. Since petrol, diesel and gas all come from the same raw material, you can expect to dig deep into your pocket. For the electric vehicles, you will spend less in terms of charging the battery in your vehicle. Although electric vehicles are yet to be used globally, once this vision is made an international affair, you can expect to slice the cost of running the vehicle by a huge margin. For the case of cost in the courier industry, electric vehicles win the day.

Reliability And Availability

How reliable and available is gas, diesel, petrol or electric fuel to you? You have to take note of this. It does not make sense to go for the cheapest source of fuel for your vehicle if it is not available or reliable. There are more petrol stations that offer both gas and diesel than there are charging stations for your electric vehicle. Also, there are petrol and diesel-only vehicles. With such disparities in terms of availability, you have to go for that which will be easily available for your needs. If there are few or no charging stations in your area, then you should go for one of the fossil fuels.


Where are you or your business located? Accessibility to the above four sources of fuel will determine which is the best to go with. Most vehicles will consume petrol or diesel or gas as there are few electric vehicles in the market today. For those who are located in the town centre, they may find it easy to access a charging station. However, for those who are in the outcast of the city, such a station can be difficult if not impossible to find. The alternative is to utilise the petrol, gas or diesel cars for their courier services.

Safety Considerations

Safety lies in your driver and the parcel you are to deliver to your clients. Petrol, gas, and diesel are less secure as compared to electricity. If you are looking to keep the environment clean while you protect your drivers, then you have to go for electric vehicles. They offer a clean surrounding as there are no emissions that could harm the environment. Gas, diesel, and petrol combust to produce harmful emissions. Such emissions can cause serious respiratory and health issues.

In conclusion, bearing in mind that electric cars are yet to hit the market in full swing and with the few glitches that come with them, they are not the best to use. Although diesel vehicles have a lot of gas emissions, diesel is cheaper, performance is superior to electric cars, and are more durable than electric and gas vehicles. This makes them the best choice for courier businesses.